Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to our blog site. Hope not faith is good ! Because we always wish you the best. How do our tunes today easily make ringtones in their own name? We have seen many times in many ways that we have set beautiful ringtone with the name of someone else’s mobile. Currently there are many ringtones to be seen in many movies. You can do this with your mobile or computer. So what will you do? And this is why we have this blog post today. So let’s get started.

Before getting started, download and listen to the demo ringtone created by my own name. File size is only 105 KB.

Demo Tone:  Download here

Click here on this link. Then look like the picture below.


1: In the first step I gave my own name. You give your name Here is the name of Mr. because the ringtone is intended to be beautiful. Don’t give Mr. If you want.

2: Set what kind of message you want I have, like, please pickup the call. The call will actually say that.

3: The third step is to give the music you want to play with your ringtone. I’ve set the iPhone ringtone, for example. You can give the other one if you want.

4: Ask them to like on the official fan page. Even if you don’t like it here. But we should give it up because we are enjoying one of them. You must give a like for this.

Then click on Make Ringtone. Wait a minute for 30 seconds after clicking. Then look like the picture below.

Here you can play the ringtone for listening. Then download it by clicking on the Download button below. The work is over Now set the tone on your phone. So far today. Again, I will be present in another post. Be good and stay healthy. Ending the tune with today’s good wishes.

“Allah hafiz”


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